Vanity Breast Enhancement Review

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Studies show that Vanity Breast Enhancement and Cleavage will naturally enhance the size and shape of your breasts within 60 days! These breast enhancement formulations are made of all natural ingredients. Vanity Breast Enhancement & Cleavage offer a natural alternative to surgery for women.

Vanity Ingredients Cleavage™
Yes Fennel Seed Yes
Yes Dong Quai Yes
Yes Saw Palmetto Yes
Yes Black Cohosh Yes
Yes Cayenne Fruit  
Yes Astragalus Root  
Yes Chinese Red Ginseng  
Yes Avenal Satliva  
Yes Wild Yam  
Yes Blessed Thistle  
Yes Dandelion Root  
Yes Fenugreek  
500 Herbal MG'S Per Serving 1700
90 Count Per Unit 60
3 Capsules Daily Serving Amount 2 Capsules
$74.99 Price $24.99

Cleavage is much more effective and less expensive than Vanity Breast Enhancement! As you can see above, the Vanity Breast Enhancement formulation is almost identical to Cleavage! Vanity Breast Enhancement encourages a 5+ month program to achieve maximum results as opposed to Cleavage suggesting 2+ months! Also the Vanity pill suggests 3 capsules per day as opposed to only 2. We take pride in providing high quality, affordable products for our customers. The largest cost for Vanity Breast Enhancement is advertising, that is why ours is much less expensive. Our largest cost is putting together a superior product made from the finest available ingredients for you! We know and state with confidence that our product is just as (or more) effective than Vanity Breast Enhancement. Cleavage has been the original formulation since 1999. Be a wise consumer and don't overpay for the same product!

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Cleavage - 1 Unit
1 Month Supply

Cleavage - 2 Units
2 Month Supply

Cleavage - 3 Units
3 Month Supply

Cleavage - 4 Units
4 Month Supply

Cleavage - 5 Units
5 Month Supply

Cleavage - 6 Units
6 Month Supply

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