Lip Enhancement FAQ'S

lip enhancement

#1) What is Lip Explosion lip enhancement?
Lip Explosion is the first non-burning, non-drying, non-chafing, instant lip plumper... developed to immediately improve the appearance of lip color, plumpness, fullness, and contour. Lip Explosion works in minutes and lasts for hours!

#2) How does Lip Explosion work?
It works great! Pouty, soft, seductive, natural, incredibly fuller, colorful lips in minutes... and that’s guaranteed!

#3) How do I apply Lip Explosion?
You simply apply a very thin layer of Lip Explosion onto both lips, using the applicator tip to stay within your natural lip-line.

#4) Can I use lipstick or lip gloss along with Lip Explosion?
Absolutely! Just apply Lip Explosion according to the directions, wait 3 to 5 minutes, blot off any residue, and apply your lipstick as usual.

#5) How often should I apply Lip Explosion?
You may apply this lip enhancement product up to three times per day. To achieve the dramatic improvements in the appearance of lip contour, size, and volume demonstrated in the clinical trial, you should apply Lip Explosion at least twice daily.

#6) How soon can I expect to see results?
You will see results almost immediately after application. In clinical trials, subjects noted a visible improvement in the appearance of their lip color and contour within minutes.

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