Latavi Breast Enhancement Review


Latavi: 3 month supply of capsules/cream suggested-

Cleavage: 2 month supply of capsules/cream suggested-

Latavi breast enhancement and Cleavage contain the same 4 main ingredients. Latavi requires the same daily dosage compared to Cleavage, and they also encourage additional length of time to achieve maximum results. There is no point in paying more money for the same results. Not to mention, taking more of the amount of pills everyday than is actually necessary! Also if you didn't know, Latavi will continue to bill your credit card every so often without prior authorization and keep sending you more product. Be sure to read their guidelines carefully. We've received many e-mails from their upset customers.

Credit, Debit, Pre-Paid, Gift Cards and PayPal Accepted

Cleavage Kit - 1 Month
1 Month Supply

Cleavage Kit - 2 Months
2 Month Supply

Cleavage Kit - 3 Months
3 Month Supply

Cleavage Kit - 4 Months
4 Month Supply

Cleavage Kit - 5 Months
5 Month Supply

Cleavage Kit - 6 Months
6 Month Supply

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