Bust Enhancer FAQ'S

bust enhancer

#1) Will Cleavage bust enhancer work for all women?
Yes no matter of height, weight, ethnicity, etc.

#2) Are there any adverse reactions?
No. Just be certain you will have no allergic reaction to any of the bust enhancer ingredients!

#3) Who manufacturers Cleavage bust enhancer?
American Tech-Labs in the USA. Cleavage is manufactured under strict FDA guidelines and procedures in a FDA approved laboratory. This stands true for all of our fine products and they all have a 2 year shelf life.

#4) What is the recommended amount of use?
For the first 8-12 weeks, take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Also use the cream twice daily if preferred. After 8-12 weeks, use both the cream and capsules 2 - 4 times a week for 2-3 more months to make sure you are achieving the maximum results possible.

#5) Is Cleavage bust enhancer guaranteed?
Yes, absolutely. We will honor a complete refund less S&H for any unopened/unused products, no questions asked! IE: If you order a 3 month supply and decide after 1 month this program isn't for you, simply return your order to us.

#6) I have had surgical breast implants, will it work for me?
You can try it. However, we have no information or clinical data available for use with implants!

#7) Will Cleavage bust enhancer work on men?
We have no information or clinical data regarding this topic. However, many men have ordered this product for themselves and we've received MANY testimonials and re-orders from them as well.

#8) Is birth control safe to use with Cleavage?
Absolutely. Your birth control (pills, patch, shot, etc.) will remain just as effective as always!

#9) At what age can I begin using the Cleavage program?
The success rate is for women of all ages! You should be at least age 18 when you begin using Cleavage bust enhancer.

#10) Do I need to use the cream with the capsules?
No but you will get more results from the capsules. They both work and we encourage using the cream with the capsules to obtain maximum results.

#11) Which natural bust enhancer is most effective?
If our product doesn't work for you, neither will the next more than likely! Be a smart consumer and compare ingredients, price, daily dosage, etc.

#12) What are the contained ingredients in Cleavage?
Clevage is made from the finest safe and all natural ingredients in the world. You can see the supplemental facts here.

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