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I took Cleavage 4 cream and 6 breast pill for 3 months total after the birth of my fourth child left me as a AA cup with a 38 inch chest, nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a decent bra that fit and no padded bras in size 38 anything... It took me between 6 weeks and 2 months to notice anything with regard to my breasts. This breast pill really worked!

- Gloria A.

In the Philippines many women have small breasts. It seems it is our diet or maybe hereditary but it is not the best way to be. Several of my friends, all about 30, tried the Cleavage cream and breast pill and within 6-9 weeks most of us had bigger breasts. Some had a small increase but others, including myself, had a 2 cup increase. We are very happy to have tried this breast pill and will be trying it again soon to see if it will give us an even bigger size increase.

- Janet M.

Not until I used Cleavage kit did I have hardly any breasts. Japanese women are usually not very big in the breasts. After 7 weeks my breasts expanded so much that new bras had to be purchased. Happily I did not resent this extra cost. Many of my friends have also tried the cream and capsules and over half now have bigger breasts. Thank you!

- Alexandra J.

Nothing has helped me the way this breast pill has helped. It’s given me the energy and vitality. It’s increased my bust size from a B to a C with the cleavage plus the vitality and energy I haven’t had in years. It’s just incredible what this product can do for you. I feel more beautiful and sexier than ever. I know I look a hundred percent better. I feel a hundred percent better! I thought about having breast surgery but I’m scared to death to go under the knife. When I heard it was all-natural, which I researched completely, I knew that it wouldn’t hurt me.

- Kimberly

I have tried your product and it works wonders, I am truly happy that someone has come up with it. You should attempt to make a pill that will enhance a butt size also. Many women would be greatful!

- C. Kelly

I recently purchased cleavage. It was 7 days after i started using your product that i started seeing results. I have breast fed 3 children so needless to say i was into an a cup now i can't fit into my A's. I can fill out my B's with a lot of cleavage, the unbelievable thing is i still have 6 days left of my first bottle. I bought a 2 month supply and will buy another 2 months when this is gone! I just wanted to say thank you! Now i can say mine are real....

- Tracie J.

Hello! I just want to thank you for a wonderful product! I have only been using this product for about 3 weeks and I can already tell the difference, and so does my husband! I told him I was taking vitamins; he doesn't know what kind! But my breasts are fuller and firmer; I'm already getting into my larger bra I was saving!! Thanks again!

- D.J.

I am a male and had been using Small Breast Solutions™ liquid system for about three months with limited breast growth. After switching to Cleavage, the amount of change over the last few days has been unbelievable. I am now a full A cup and absolutely delighted. Tell the makers that Cleavage does work on a male body.

- Alyssa

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