Breast Implants & Dangers

breast implants and dangers

Just how dangerous can breast implants be?

Did you know that silicone gel breast implants were banned in 1992? Saline breast implants have been the method of choice. Although some new studies have revealed some shocking dangers associated with saline breast implants. The people who actually manufacture saline breast implants presented data to the FDA and admitted that:

• 60% of women with saline breast implants have had some or many complications within 4 years of surgery
• 3% suffer leakage within 3 years which resulted in deflated breast implants
• 8% of women who have had breast implants need to have them removed within 3 years

Other risks of breast implants are:

• Hardening of the breasts
• Loss of sensation in the nipple or breast
• Shifting of the breast implants from their original position
• Interference with mammography reading that may hamper cancer detection

Like any type of surgical procedure, breast implants are extremely risky. There are many complications that can be caused by getting breast implants. Here are some more than common scenarios...

» Deflation/Rupture: The most common concern for patients that have had breast implants are that their breast implants would deflate either through a leak within the implant or through a rupture of the breast implant shell. There are many potential causes for breast implants to deflate/rupture and the solution to this problem involves additional surgery to remove and possibly replace the breast implants.

» Capsular Contracture: In this situation, scar tissue that forms around the breast implants tightens and then squeezes the breast implants. Typically following infection, symptoms of capsular contracture range from mild firmness and discomfort to severe pain and movement of the breast implants. To rectify this, additional surgery will be needed to remove the breast implant capsule tissue and possibly the breast implants themselves.

» Hermatoma/Seroma: The collection of blood inside a blood tissue is known as hermatoma and seroma refers to a collection of the watery portion of the blood. Postoperative hermatoma and seroma may lead to infection and possibly capsular contracture. If large hermatomas and seromas occur, the patient will need to have surgical drains for proper healing.

» Change in Nipple and Breast Sensation: Considering undergoing breast implants can make great changes to your breasts. You should expect either an increase or decrease in feeling of the nipple and breast. Change can range from intense sensitivity to no feeling and can be temporary or permanent from getting breast implants.

» Pain: It is natural to feel pain of varying intensity and duration following getting breast implants. However, severe pain can be a result of complications of your breast implants surgery such as improper size or placement. If you are feeling severe pain, you should contact your breast implants surgeon.

» Infection: Like any other surgery, infection can result during breast implants surgery. However, treating infections are harder in patients with breast implants than in patients with normal body tissues.

» Breast Tissue Atrophy/Chest Wall Deformity: This can result when the pressure of the breast implants has caused the patient's breast tissue to thin and shrink. This phenomenon can occur while the breast implants are in place or following breast implant removal.

» Additional Surgeries: The likelihood that breast implants patients will have to undergo additional surgeries in their lifetime has increased dramatically. Surgeries will be necessary at some point to replace or remove the breast implants.

» Dissatisfaction with Cosmetic Results: This is a problem faced by any time of cosmetic surgery. Wrinkling, asymmetry, implant displacement, incorrect size, unanticipated shape, implant palpability, scar deformity, hypertrophic scarring, and sloshing are some of the phenomena that can occur, which often leave patients unsatisfied with their final results.

Subsequently, breast implants are a man made prosthetic that do have a shelf life. Most women will have to go through the whole breast implants procedure again probably two or three times depending upon age. Cleavage breast enhancement is a safe and natural alternative to costly and/or harmful breast implants surgery!

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