Pumpkin Carving Knife (Electric)

Before getting out the kitchen knife and spoon this year, take a look at this battery-operated pumpkin carving knife!

electric pumpkin carving knife

Happy Halloween Again! Take a look at our battery operated electric pumpkin carving knife available here! Make Halloween pumpkin carving easy and even more fun this Halloween! Carve out intricate pumpkin designs within just minutes. Tests found this tool to quickly and easily cut through pumpkins, soft fruits and vegetables. We even used it to cut cucumbers and squash for the dinner table. This electric pumpkin carving knife for Halloween is safe but shouldn't be used by children (Adult Use Only)....

pumpkin carving

• Amaze Everyone With Expert Results
• Interchangeable Attachments
• Poker Tranfers Your Pattern Lightning Fast
• Saw Carves Your Pumpkin Quickly & Easily
• Includes: 1 Power Tool, 2 Patterns, 1 Saw and 1 Poker
• Requires 4 "AA" Batteries (Not Included)

Credit, Debit, Pre-Paid, Gift Cards and PayPal Accepted

Pumpkin Carving Knife - 1 Unit
1 Unit

Pumpkin Carving Knife - 2 Units
2 Units

This electric pumpkin carving knife is designed to make your pumpkin (or anything else) carving easier, faster and safer. It comes with 2 attachments- one for poking holes to outline your pattern and the other to cut the pattern out. It is made to tear the seeds and strings away from the interior walls of the pumpkin and also can be used to thin the pumpkin's walls for easy carving.


Operating Instructions: Create outline of design onto pumpkin. To start, insert blade into pumpkin BEFORE turning on this battery powered pumpkin carving pattern knife. Press start button and hold to operate, guiding the pumpkin carving knife through the pumpkin. Simply let the knife do the work! Avoid using force which could damage or break the blade.

Cleaning Instructions: Do not immerse the pumpkin carving knife in water. Do not put in dishwasher. Wipe blade clean and dry thoroughly.

Q: Are the batteries included with the pumpkin carving pattern knife?

A: Sorry, unfortunately not.

Q: Can I purchase additional blades?

A: Yes.

Q: For how long will I be able to use the pumpkin carving pattern knife?

A: The Electric Pumpkin Carving Knife should last for years and years to come as long as it stored in a secure place.

For Adult Use Only. Four AA Batteries Required (Not Included). Remove batteries when not in use or discharged.

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