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Studies show that the alzare capsules and Expand will improve your sexual performance through increased libido along with stronger erections, heightened orgasms, increased size, and more stamina. Many of the men using the alzare capsules and Expand report increases in size of up to 28%.

alzare male enhancement
Alzare Ingredients Expand™
Yes Tribulus Terrestris Yes
Yes Yohimbe Extract Yes
  Niacin Yes
Yes Horny Goat Weed (aka Epimedium Sagittatum) Yes
  Avena Sativa Yes
Yes Zinc Oxide Yes
Yes Maca Root Yes
  Potency Wood Yes
  Ginkgo Biloba Yes
Yes L-Arginine Yes
Yes Saw Palmetto Yes
Yes Nettle Leaf*  
Yes Bioperine*  
Yes DHEA*  
1085 Herbal MG'S Per Serving 1700
30 Count Per Unit 60
1 Per Day Daily Serving Amount 2 Per Day
$59.99 Price Low As $24.99

*Not necessary in an effective male enhancement program. May cause allergic reactions and/or side effects

Expand natural male enhancement enlarges the two erectile tissue chambers (spongy reservoirs) in the penis to hold more blood flow during an erection. These tissue chambers are known as corpora cavernosa. An erection occurs when the blood flows and builds up into these tissue chambers. While using this program, an increased flow of blood will cause these erectile tissue chambers to expand. This revolutionary product is 100% natural, safe and effective.

natural male enhancement

Expand natural male enhancement should start working almost instantly. If your body does not respond right away, please be patient. Some people's response rate will vary just as it may with prescription medication.

This product does contain Yohimbe. Consult with your physician if you are using MAO inhibiters or are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, kidney, thyroid disease, seizure disorder or stroke.

This revolutionary non-prescription herbal supplement for natural male enhancement is an effective and safe natural alternative to prescription drugs or surgery. Expand natural male enhancement promotes a completely safe, healthy and all-natural transformation! No surgery, no prescription necessary, no consultation fees, no pumps, no tricks! This product can be obtained here for much less than shown on television and heard on the radio. The proprietary blend of all natural herbal ingredients has been helping thousands of men for years!

Studies show that alzare capsules formulation and Expand will improve your sexual performance through increased libido along with better, stronger erections and increased size. Many of the men using Expand report an increase in size of an average 28%. The ingredients contained have been recommended by physicians and nutritionists throughout the world as a safe solution for increasing male sexual function.

Expand is much more effective and less expensive than alzare capsules! As you can see above, the alzare capsules formulation is almost identical to Expand! alzare capsules encourages a 5+ month program to achieve maximum results as opposed to Expand suggesting 2+ months! We take pride in providing high quality, affordable products for our customers. The largest cost for alzare capsules is advertising, that is why ours is much less expensive. Our largest cost is putting together a superior product made from the finest available ingredients for you! We know and state with confidence that our product is just as (or more) effective than alzare capsules. Expand has been the original formulation since 2001. Also when you purchase alzare capsules, they will automatically send you more bottles and keep charging you $50 per month without prior authorization, and it is very difficult to cancel your membership. Make sure you read all of their guidelines carefully! Be a wise consumer and don't overpay for the same product!

Credit, Debit, Pre-Paid, Gift Cards and PayPal Accepted

• 1 Month Supply - 1 Bottle
• 60 Capsules
• Safe and All Natural
• Effective & Lasting Results
• 100% Guaranteed
• Made In The USA
• Now As Low As $29 Per Bottle**

This alzare alternative really works- and our track record simply proves this! We've sold millions of capsules to new, returning and referred consumers world wide since 2001!


Alzare Alternative - 1 Unit
1 Month Supply

Alzare Alternative - 2 Units
2 Month Supply

Alzare Alternative - 3 Units
3 Month Supply

Alzare Alternative - 4 Units
4 Month Supply

Alzare Alternative - 5 Units
5 Month Supply

Alzare Alternative - 6 Units
6 Month Supply
As Low As $29

**As low as $29 per unit when purchasing our 6 month program which is suggested for maximum results

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